The Pillover Story

My name is Cheri Mehigan Foley. While they say that necessity is the mother of invention, I was the mother of a 6-year old daughter who wasn't sleeping.

From noise machines to diffusers to different light settings, we tried anything and everything to help Georgia sleep through the night. Out of the desperation only a sleep-deprived parent can appreciate, we finally wrapped textured fabrics around her pillow. To our surprise, these textures comforted her and she began to sleep for longer stretches of time. Not being very skilled with a sewing machine back then, I improvised with binder clips to keep the fabric together.

It was Georgia who called these early wraps her "pillow-overs". She said they were like pullovers for her pillows.

Soon, Georgia's friends wanted their own Pillovers.

Then her friends’ parents wanted Pillovers for themselves.

Then friends with college students wanted Pillovers for their kids' dorms.

Then friends who traveled for business wanted to take Pillovers on the road.

Then hospitals wanted to share Pillovers with chemotherapy patients.

Today, each Pillover is handsewn with amazing textures that I personally choose for their softness and durability (and we don't use binder clips anymore).

Welcome to Pillover. We are grateful you're here.

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